San Antonio LED Lighting Services

san antonio led lighting
Spark Lighting provides San Antonio with top quality LED lighting services for industrial, commercial properties, and sports facilities and stadiums. Spark Lighting specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining LED lighting that is energy and cost efficient. We have years of experience in crafting unique LED lighting solutions for a variety of industries. Contact us today to set up a free consultation at 832-301-9154.

San Antonio Lighting Design & Installation

Whether your commercial LED lighting wishes are to upgrade the interior of a fine dining restaurant or the exterior of a large accounting building, Spark Lighting will provide honest assessments for the San Antonio area so that you can reduce your energy and maintenance costs with a maximum rebate.

Our team of LED lighting design professionals have years of experience with working in warehouses, manufacturing plants, hazardous areas and more. All facilities in San Antonio will benefit from the cost and energy saving that installing LED lighting provides. Our team will visit your facility to make a professional assessment of and construct appropriate recommendations to management.