LED Lighting Financing

Spark Lighting offers flexible financing options to help our clients make the switch to LED.

Our LED lighting projects require:

  • No Deposit

  • No Upfront Costs

  • No Capital Expenditures

Reduced Operational & Maintenance Expenses

LED lighting provides significant savings on operational and maintenance expenses.

  • LED light fixtures are extremely energy efficient.  We typically see a 60-75% improvement in energy efficiency after an upgrade to LED.
  • LED lights emit 80% less heat than their traditional counterparts, which reduces HVAC expenses.
  • LED lighting products are proven to outlast legacy light fixtures, as the lifespan of an LED is 30,000 – 50,000 hours longer than legacy lighting.  This eliminates the need for routine maintenance and replacement.

5 to 10 Year No Hassle Warranty

Spark Lighting offers five or ten-year NO HASSLE warranties that include fixtures, repairs, and replacements at no charge.

Utility Rebates Available

Spark Lighting works directly with utility companies throughout Texas to help our clients obtain available rebates and incentives to maximize savings.

  • Utility companies offer incentives to project sponsors who install energy efficient retrofit and new construction projects in commercial and industrial facilities.
  • Clients can receive up to 50% the cost of installation through these rebate programs.
  • Spark Lighting is an approved lighting contractor with Center Point Energy, CPS Energy, Oncor, and Austin Energy.

Tax Deductions Available

Tax deductions are available for both new construction and existing equipment projects.  These deductions encompass more than the Section 179 tax code.

  • New equipment projects receive 100% first-year tax deduction.
  • Retrofit projects provide 100% tax deduction at current book value.