LED Flood & Security Lighting Texas

Spark Lighting InstallationFlood lights are high-intensity, durable lights that are typically used to illuminate large areas, flag poles, building facades, and many other applications. Spark Lighting is Houston’s premier LED flood lighting contractor, offering unmatched expertise and service in flood lighting installation for industrial and commercial properties.

LEDs are the most energy efficient and maintenance-free solution for area lights, flood lights and outdoor security lights. Areas that often utilize flood lights include:

Commercial Applications

  • Large commercial properties
  • Warehouses
  • Sports fields

Industrial Applications

Save Money with LED Flood Lighting in Houston

High output, energy-efficient LED luminaires make it cost-effective to upgrade your metal halide flood lights to Spark Lighting’s LED flood lights. With LED flood lights, you can reduce carbon emissions, light pollution, and energy consumption.  Our team will evaluate your property and present a detailed proposal on how much money you can save by converting to LED. Spark Lighting offers fast, efficient turnkey service in Houston. CenterPoint rebates help reduce the initial investment of LEDs, and low maintenance intervals & energy efficiency contribute to overall cost savings.

If you are interested in upgrading your flood lighting in Houston, please contact us or call us for a free consultation at 832-301-9154 today!