Texas Apartment Lighting Services

From service for new apartment communities to retrofitting for established properties, Spark Lighting has the expertise to create, design, and install outstanding LED lighting projects for apartments across the state of Texas.common area LED lighting

Interior Lighting Services for Apartment Buildings in Texas

Interior lighting is an important feature of any rental property. In addition to making a building feel modern and inviting, good interior lighting promotes resident safety. With LED lighting from Spark, illumination can be ensured for long periods of time without as much of the maintenance or cost of traditional lights. Recessed Lighting is an excellent choice for interior lighting due to its efficiency with space, and versatility in a variety of areas. Spark provides canned lighting services in many different interior applications.

Exterior Apartment Lighting Services

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Adequate exterior lighting for apartment buildings is a necessity for helping residents feel safe and comfortable enough to re-sign as tenants. Exterior lighting helps property managers by reducing the likelihood of injury and crime. LED lighting including floodlights ensure that a property’s exterior features will be well-lit while maintaining efficiency, reducing light pollution, and saving money. For the outer exterior of a building, Spark Lighting provides facade lighting services to highlight architectural features and improve visibility from roadways.

Apartment Complex Retrofitting

Spark Lighting is proud to offer LED retrofitting services for apartment buildings in need of an upgrade from their current System. Retrofitting is ideal for apartment communities with existing lighting systems using outdated lighting technology like metal Halide Lighting that lack the efficiency, performance, and savings available from switching to LED Lighting.

To learn more about LED lighting solutions for apartment properties, contact the team at Spark Lighting today. We service cities across the state of Texas including the Houston area, Austin, and beyond.